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ALL GAMES except Finals ARE TIMED. The buzzer will ring at 1 hour and 30 minutes (2 hours for main event semi-finals), complete the end you are on and play one more.

  1. Please be on time! A maximum of 2 hours is allotted for each game. Slow play will not be tolerated as it backs the draw considerably.

  2. All games are a maximum of 8 ends.

  3. Your team must show up for each game. “No-shows” will be disqualified from further play and/or next year’s event.

  4. If a team is late then they lose the hammer and also 1 point for each 10 minutes that they are late. If a team is 30 minutes late, then the game is forfeited.

  5. The 5-rock free guard rule applies.

  6. Ends complete when final rock comes to a complete stop.

  7. Teams are limited to 4 players for a particular game.

  8. Substitutions are not allowed during a game.

  9. Substitutions are not allowed after a team has reached the quarterfinals.

  10. If you only have 3 players, the first 2 players throw 3 rocks each. You cannot play with 2 players.

  11. Measurements at the end of the end only and by the thirds, please use-measuring instruments (no feet, brooms, etc.). A Biter stick (6 foot measuring device) can be used to measure stones in question for 5-rock free guard zone.

  12. Ties for all preliminary games will be broken by a skip’s draw, closest to the button (sweeping allowed!). The team that scored in the final end throws first.

  13. Disagreements will be settled by the Draw-master, or in his absence, one of the other Committee members.

  14. All main event final games held Sunday, will be 8 ends (no bell) and ties will be broken with extra ends, maximum 2 ends. If still tied, skip rocks closest to button (with sweeping)

  15. It is the winning team’s (third) responsibility for reporting results to the committee by emailing the score to

Skips & thirds go to registration to collect skins money. You will need to sign and submit your score sheet.

Team Spirit Award

The Team Spirit Award will be awarded to the team that demonstrates through attire and attitude the spirit that best reflects the Doodlespiel. This will be judged by the Doodlespiel committee members. Award will be announced on Saturday night.


  • Team Spirit Award recipients will receive $500.00 cash

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