January 20-22, 2017

News & Updates

November 17th, 2016:

Changes to the 2017 Doodlespiel Format

The 2017 CSEG Doodlespiel will consist of a 32 team Main Event and a 32 team Hole Plug. As in previous years there will be four events (A, B, C, D) in the Main draw. The Hole Plug will be made of two flights of 16 teams, with a guarantee of two games played in the event. Results in this year’s changes to the format will influence the overall schedule in the following ways:

  • There will be no 8 AM draws on Saturday January 21st or Sunday January 22nd for any teams
  • No team will have to play three games in one day
  • The last Hole Plug games to determine the flight winners will take place Saturday afternoon (No Sunday games)
  • The last draws on Saturday in Canmore and Banff will be 4 PM and 6 PM, respectively
  • Entry into the Main Event will be based on request followed by years of Doodlespiel experience

The Doodlespiel committee feels that these changes will have a positive impact for its participants. Please direct any questions regarding the changes of the 2017 Doodlespiel format to Daniel Perez (, Andreas Georgousis ( or Matt Ng (

Happy Holidays and Good Curling!

Daniel Perez, Chairman

October 1st, 2016:

The 2017 CSEG Doodlespiel will be a 64 team event. As in previous years, teams will be accepted based on years of experience participated in the CSEG Doodlespiel. 

The host hotels for the 2017 CSEG Doodlespiel are once again The Fox and The Caribou, with new hotels The Moose and The Ptarmigan. When booking rooms, please let them know that you are with the Doodlespiel!

Doodlespiel 2017: PROMO CODE: Doodle2017 Booking deadline: Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Online Early Bird Registration is now open with a 10% discount for your team! 

Early Bird Registration closes November 16th 2016.