Past Chairmans

Below is a list of past Chairmans of the Doodlespiel committee. It's a working list but we're trying to make it as complete as possible so if you would like to confirm previous Chairmans or simply have information you'd like to share, contact us and let us know.

Anniversary Year Chairman
46th 2018 Andreas Georgousis
45th 2017 Daniel Perez
44th 2016 Matt Ng
43rd 2015 Trent Olson
42nd 2014 Sterling Hansen
41st 2013 Roger Edgecombe
40th 2012 Victor Irwin
39th 2011 John Bertsch
38th 2010 Hillar Lilles
37th 2009 Armin Schafer
36th 2008 Morgan Steeves
35th 2007 Gary Laskoski
34th 2006 Darrell Jackson
33rd 2005 Marty Summerville
32nd 2004 Rob Langill
31st 2003 Chris Barton
30th 2002 Kelly Jamison
29th 2001 Allan Richards
28th 2000 Todd O'Brian
27th 1999 Perry Kotkas
26th 1998 Ray MacDonald
25th 1997 Tim Kemp
24th 1996  
23rd 1995 Andy Vernon 
22nd 1994 Randy Gill 
21st 1993 Doug Bogstie
20th 1992 Murray Olson
19th 1991  Ian Baxter
18th 1990 Larry Herd
17th 1989  Mark Leriger
16th 1988 Tooney Fink
15th 1987 Fred Mazar
14th 1986 Tom Kelly
13th 1985 Brian Curts
12th 1984 Ron Newman*
11th 1983 Bill Tomash*
10th 1982 Ted Popilchak*
9th 1981 Mike Broome
8th 1980 Jim Wasilenkof
7th 1979 Greg Milne
6th 1978 Bryce Cox
5th 1977 Bill Redmond
4th 1976 Roy Millice
3rd 1975 Don waldroff
2nd 1974 Bob Page
1st 1973 Joe Prendergrast


* Unconfirmed name. If you would like to confirm a name or simply have more information please contact us.